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Cantonese Certificate Course

Mainland Student Services
Cantonese Certificate Course
10 SEP 2017 | 29 APR 2018
Course Title Cantonese Certificate Course   Total Course Hours 80 hrs
Lecturer Mr. Chan Wai Man Commencement Date 10 September 2017

About the Lecturer
Mr. Chan is now the Principal Project Consultant at the Language Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University, for ‘Chinese Language Support and Research Programme for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students in Hong Kong’, and a PhD candidate in Education, the University of Hong Kong. He has been teaching NCS students Cantonese for 15 years.  Being a visiting lecturer in Chinese as a Foreign Language for the Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, he understands the difficulties of Mainland students in learning Cantonese and is good at inspiring students to learn Cantonese in a very practical and creative way.

Course Highlight
The course focuses on the difference between Cantonese and Putonghua Pinyin and overcoming the common difficulties encountered by Putonghua-speaking students.

Learning Outcome
After the course, students are able to

  1. understand Cantonese phonics and pronounce Cantonese segmentals and suprasegmentals
  2. understand and speak basic Cantonese and common terms in Cantonese
  3. deliver a precise self-introduction in Cantonese, e.g. during job interview
  4. use Cantonese to communicate with local people in common daily dialogues.

Lesson Schedule

  Date Time
Semester 1

10 Sep – 10 Dec 2017

Every Tuesday & Sunday


Semester 2

14 Jan – 29 Apr 2018