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Cultural Diversity Express – A Visit to Taiwan’s Indigenous People


This tour leads students to reflect on how different culture is impacting them in the daily life through experiencing the highly diversified culture of Taiwan’s indigenous people.  During the tour, students will form groups to complete different daily tasks of indigenous people.  It aims at enhancing cultural exchange and mutual understanding between students from different cultural backgrounds.



  1. Provide intercultural interaction opportunities for students to experience and understand the issue of cultural diversity
  2. Guide students to reflect how cultural diversity is impacting them in the daily life
  3. Nurture students' positive attitude on cultural diversity and increase the students’ inclusiveness, receptiveness and appreciation towards people from different cultural backgrounds
  4. Enhance students' intercultural competence

indigenous2Programme period
19-25 May 2019 (Sunday to Saturday)


  1. River trekking and hiking to the “Dark Tribe”
  2. Completing different daily tasks of indigenous people
  3. Working in groups to complete the tasks including cooking in the wild, learning to hunt, archery competition, picking in the wild, etc.
  4. Home visit to indigenous families
  5. Designing and organising activities for the indigenous elderlies

All full-time UG students

$2,000 (Eligible students can apply for other subsidy.  Students will receive the information of subsidy application after successfully enrolled to the programme.)

indigenous6Application method
Complete the online enrollment form on or before 19 February 2019