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Cultural Diversity Express – Intercultural service learning trip @ Cambodia

With the aim of facilitating assimilation of non-local students and nurturing students to be caring, creative and ethical leaders with widened cross-cultural understanding for today’s globalised world, the Mainland Student Services Unit oragnises the “Cultural Diversity Express” to promote multiculturalism.  The programme is designed to stimulate undergraduate students to develop their cultural competence and learn to embrace the universal value of being respectful of diversity.  The climax of the programme is an intercultural service learning trip to a distinctive cultural environment.  The trip is conducted in May every year after the second semester examination.


  1. Provide intercultural interaction opportunities for students to experience and understand the issue of cultural diversity
  2. Guide students to reflect on how cultural diversity impacts them in daily life
  3. Nurture students' positive attitude on cultural diversity and increase the students’ inclusiveness, receptiveness and appreciation towards people from different cultural backgrounds
  4. Enhance students' intercultural competence and facilitate integration of local and non-local students

contentFeatures of the trip

  1. Intercultural interaction opportunities among HK, Mainland and international students
    The programme provides ample opportunities for students to develop and train their intercultural competence.  Participants from different cultural backgrounds will be grouped together to do preparatory work before they embark on the trip.  During the trip, they will also be mixed into different combinations to do voluntary work and experience the life of local people.  As such, opportunities of cultural exchange and learning would be maximized.
  2. Intercultural service learning trip to serve people in need
    Participants will embark on a 7-8 day’s overseas trip and serve indigenous people in need.  They will have opportunities to meet with the local people, serve them and experience their life.  Examples of activities include:
    - sustainable organic farming;
    - renovating local families’ house;
    - holding handcraft workshop;
    - delivering Sunday school for kids;
    - home stay and cooking challenge
  3. Reflections guided by professional staff
    To facilitate participants’ reflection and deepen their learning on the issues of cultural diversity, debriefing sessions will be led by professional staff during the trip.
  4. Use of professional scale on intercultural sensitivity
    Participants will learn the concept of intercultural competence, which is the five-factor model of intercultural sensitivity of the Intercultural Sensitivity Scale (ISS).  They will complete the ISS questionnaire as pre- and post-programme assessment to assess their learning and development from the programme.

periodProgramme period
The tour is suspended due to the pandemic

All full-time UG students

applicationApplication method
Complete the online application form