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Stress Symptoms

If you become aware of a fellow student who is displaying a number of signs of distress, you may encourage him/ her to seek for psychological counselling.

  • Depressed mood or other emotional distresses
  • Worsening performance in course work or class participation, or frequent absence
  • Expression of distress in social media posts
  • Withdrawal from normal social routine or excessive dependency on others
  • Drastic change in appearances or hygiene
  • Unusual or bizarre behaviors
  • Alarming comments or complaints from other students
  • Mentioning of suicide

Important Listening Skills

  • Be patient
  • Be accepting
  • Be non-judgmental
  • Be genuine
  • Offer hope
  • Avoid being argumentative
  • Avoid advice-giving

You may also login to measure your stress level. You are always welcome to contact our Psychological Counsellor for further enquiry. Appointment/Enquiry: 3411 7435