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Social Innovation Workshop:Learn To Reduce Waste with Local Environmentalist


22 MAY 2024
大便妹 (Sheeppoo)
15:30 - 17:00
TriAngle (DLB306)
Cantonese, Putonghua (Supplementary)
Corresponding GA(s)
Citizenship; Learning; Creativity
The Centre for Innovative Service-Learning is committed to providing diverse opportunities for students to engage in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship to drive societal good. At the upcoming Social Innovation Workshop: Learn To Reduce Waste with Local Environmentalist, CISL TriAngle has invited local environmental educator Sheeppoo to share her insights on inspiring the public to adopt eco-friendly living and participate in beach clean-ups since 2009. She will also discuss how waste reduction at the source can foster sustainable development for both humanity and nature. Participants will have the chance to engage in discussions with Sheeppoo and brainstorm solutions from a social innovation perspective. If you are passionate about environmental issues and eager to participate in social innovation projects, sign up now!

About Sheeppoo:
Sheeppoo leads a lifestyle that supports environmental protection, with a passion for the ocean and a regular commitment to studying waste management. She has conducted marine waste research in Hong Kong and Taiwan, volunteered as a whale shark researcher in the Philippines, and currently works in environmental education while serving as the co-founder of the social enterprise "Here in Nature". She is the author of "The 10 Lessons on Environmental Protection Taught by Life – I Am Determined to Live an Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle".

創新服務學習中心致力於提供不同學習機會,讓學生接觸社會創新 (Social Innovation) 的理念,培養社會企業家精神 (Entrepreneurship for Social Good) 。在社創工作坊:大便妹免「廢」學堂中,CISL TriAngle邀請了本地環保教育者大便妹分享她從2009年至今如何啟發大眾投入環保生活和淨灘的心得,以及源頭減廢如何推動人類和大自然的可持續發展。參加者將有機會與大便妹一同探討環保議題,從社會創新的角度構思解決方案。如果您關心環保議題、渴望參與社會創新項目,立即報名參加吧!


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