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Online Co-Curricular Learning Activities and Special Arrangement

03 MAR 2020

Due to the disruption caused by the epidemic, the face-to-face activities have been rendered impossible during this period.  In the face of this challenging moment, some online Co-curricular Learning activities have been designed for students to fulfill CCL requirements.  For those students who are graduating this year, please take this opportunity to complete the missing CCL unit(s).

The restriction to cap the number of CCL units gained from participating in online eCourses/ online modules will also be temporarily lifted in the 2019-20.  Please refer to the list below for your interested online eCourses/ online modules. 

  1. LQC Online Learning Series offered by Leadership Qualities Centre, Office of Student Affairs [new];
  2. Library Online Learning Events offered by Library* (on specific date and time) [new];
  3. eCourse offered by the Counselling and Development Centre, Office of Student Affairs;
  4. The HKBU Business Entrepreneurship Support and Training (BEST) Programme online training modules offered by Knowledge Transfer Office

* Some of the Library Online Learning Events carry only 0.5 CCL unit because of the activity lengths.

Please be reminded that the update of CCL assessment and/or attendance records will still require about 2-3 weeks to take effect.  Students are therefore suggested to allow for sufficient time to complete these activities before their CCL requirements are due.  

Enquiries about online learning activities should be directed to respective organising Office/Department.

Stay healthy and enjoy these activities.