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Launch of the Student Learning Experience System (SLES)

29 DEC 2017

The Student Learning Experience System (SLES) is launched today on 29 December 2017. Staff and students are able to log in the SLES with their SSOid and password or by single sign-on on campus.

SLES serves as a common platform for staff and students to manage and record Co-curricular (including Co-curricular Learning (CCL) activities) and Extra-curricular activities, providing a fuller picture of HKBU students' learning experience beyond curriculum. The data of previous CCL activities in the CCL Programme Application Management System and students' CCL attendance records and fulfilment status in Student U-Life Record E-System (SURE) are now migrated to SLES. 

In the SLES, staff are able to apply for CCL recognition, view and manage CCL activities with more functions, and record CCL attendance via the departmental admin accounts. Staff are also encouraged to receive registration from students (if registration is needed) via SLES.

Students are able to enrol in CCL-recognised activities (yet registration is not limited to SLES), view their CCL attendance record and fulfilment status in the new System.

Read more about SLES (staff / student) for a brief introduction and detailed user guides in the SLES.