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Common CCL Evaluation Form (Information for Staff)

13 SEP 2019

CCL is one of the components of the non-credit bearing University Life Programme for undergraduate students, which is a graduation requirement. After completing CCL, which consists of a comprehensive range of non-formal and out-of-classroom learning opportunities, students should be able to:

ILO 1. Apply the skills and knowledge that are beyond curriculum and their disciplines to complement their learning at University;
ILO 2. Examine issues concerning the social, economic, and cultural development of the region, nation, and the globe as a whole from different perspectives;
ILO 3. Reflect on their personal development and achievements to assist their individual growth;
ILO 4. Evidence a solid foundation of the Whole Person Education and the 7 core Graduate Attributes of the University by participating in a variety of CCL activities.

With reference to the above Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) of CCL, a common evaluation form for all CCL activities is now available in the Download Area of the CCL website.

All CCL organisers are recommended to use the common evaluation form. Users may add their preferred questions after the common evaluation form if needed.

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