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Dr. Marianna Tsang @ HKBU Subsidized Internship Scheme

With the generous support from Dr. Marianna Tsang, the Career Centre (CC) of HKBU has launched the Dr. Marianna Tsang @ HKBU Subsidized Internship Scheme (MTSIS).  Under this scheme, HKBU students will be sponsored by Dr. Tsang to undergo a 6-week (full time) / 120-hour (part-time) internship (with a lump sum of $4,000 allowance) in a social enterprise that has successfully completed the Social Enterprise Executive Development  Programme organized by Hong Kong Productivity Council. 

Participating social enterprises include: 

Hoholife (好好生活)
Mission To New Arrivals Ltd (新福事工協會)

Longevity Design House (長屋設計)

TWGHs Rinato Eco Floral Shop (兩生花花店)
BNET (優仗)
Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth (First Sense) (香港傷殘青年協會 [創視設計])
Community Leap ( 喜動社區)
ELCHK (基督教香港信義會)
Wellness Club Ltd (悠學坊有限公司)
Silver Yoga Lab Company Ltd (瑜樂伽教室有限公司)
Aesir Limited (愛識有限公司)
HK Animal Social Enterprises Ltd. (動物社企)
D.E.C.T Production (我們製作)

More are joining!


The quota will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Students who are interested in this meaningful scheme can search for the vacancies at BUhub (choose Schemed Jobs “MTSIS”).  For 2023 graduates, the internship must start latest on 31 July 2023.