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The iCafé Activities Room

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The iCafé Activities Room

Jointly initiated by Office of Student Affairs, International Office and Office of Knowledge Transfer, The iCafé Activities Room, since its operation in September 2014, has created a valuable gathering and learning area for students, staff, alumni and employers at the heart of the University.

The iCafé, beyond a food and beverage outlet, has brought a brand new concept to the whole university community. The iCafé has been fully utilized as a seedbed of the Whole Person Education, with a myriad of activities and programs held. Besides, an innovative idea of ‘nurturing of student ambassadors’ is incorporated in the daily operation of The iCafé and in the organization of student-orientated activities.

iHandicraft Workshops

Organized by student ambassadors, iHandicraft Workshops will be held regularly throughout the semester. We will feature different types of handicraft each month. Guided by student ambassadors, participants will be making their own products. The iCafé will be an ideal place to nurture students’ creativity and innovative ideas.

Details and schedule of the workshops will be posted on our Facebook Fan Page


iCube Shop

A newly initiated entrepreneurial project, iCube Shop, provides a platform for students to implement their entrepreneurial ideas as well as cultivate their creativity and innovative sense. It is a market place for students to offer, sell and buy handmade products within the university community.

Details of the artists and products will be posted on our Facebook Fan Page


Book Exchange Corner

Give your books a second life!
Book Exchange Corner is an eco initiative that encourages students and staff to share books they have bought and reduce waste. It allows us to drop off books and pick them up on bookshelves for free. We welcome book donation too.


Room Booking of The iCafé Activities Room

The iCafé Activities Room is open for all-UGC funded activities organized by University Offices and Departments, for the following timeslots –

Monday – Friday 09:00 – 20:00
Saturday              09:00 – 12:00

Activities Room Booking Guidelines
Activities Room Booking Form

Bookings are made on a first-come-first-served basis. Bookings can be made not more than three months in advance. Users can contact Career Centre’s Hotline (3411 7440) for enquiry of availability. If available, users can fill in a booking form and submit it to Career Centre either by fax (3411 8042) or via email ( Career Centre will then return a final confirmation via fax or email. The booking should not be regarded as completed unless after receipt of the official confirmation from Career Centre.