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Harvard Summer Program

In 2019 summer, 11 students from Harvard University came to Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) for the Harvard Summer School (HSS), which was jointly organised by the two institutions. Students from the two institutions experienced the social and cultural differences and similarities of Hong Kong and China with the other parts of the world. In addition, they also learnt about historic links among Hong Kong, China and the US.  During June and July, they took part in interactive class discussions, visits to NGOs and museums in Hong Kong, and field trips across the border to mainland China and Macau. 

Buddha Deng Lineage Mooncake workshop Tai O


This program offers you the opportunity to investigate China’s current social and economic connections with different world areas, learn about its historical engagement with the U.S., and consider the effects of these historical and sociological forces on China’s culture and future development. You will study these themes alongside students from Harvard University through interactive course discussions, site visits in Hong Kong to NGOs and museums, and field trips across the border to mainland China and Macau. Experience the incomparable possibilities of this world-class Chinese city, with its rich history, lush and extensive natural landscapes, and exciting urban life.


Program structure

You will take two courses, each an intensive 4-week exploration of a different aspect of China’s global interactions, past and present.


Course 1: China’s interconnection with global migration patterns;

Course 2: The history of China’s interaction with the U.S. from the 19th century to the present.


The two courses balance learning from different social science perspectives about China and the world, along with how Hong Kong plays a central role in these global processes and why they matter for China’s future. Learning will take place both inside and outside the classroom and include frequent field trips to areas of cultural, historical, and sociological interest throughout Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta.



5 HKBU students


Who Can Apply

To apply, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have completed at least one year of college or be a first-year student
  • Be in good academic standing

* 5 HKBU students, with the full program fee waived, will be able to enroll to this program earning Harvard credits which are transferrable to HKBU.


Application (to be announced)



Tel: 3411 5278/ 3411 7440