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The Way To Success Workshops and Mentorship Programme (TWTS)

Programme Coordinator:

Ms. Mavis Mak, Career Development Officer
Tel No.:+852 3411 2321 

Ms. Sharon Lee, Assistant Career Development Officer
Tel No.:+852 3411 5724




The Way To Success Programme (TWTS) is a holistic programme with both training and mentoring elements, organized by CEO Global. Since 2004, more than 18,000 university students from 27 leading universities around the world, have completed TWTS.

The aim of TWTS is to encourage HKBU students to prepare themselves to serve the society and community after their graduation.  Apart from technical skills and academic knowledge learnt from university, soft skills / transferrable skills have been becoming more and more important in today’s workplace. The senior professionals would share their successful story and inspire our students in different ways.  Students are therefore expected to prepare themselves better to achieve their personal and career goals. 


The objectives of TWTS are:

  • to equip students with better skills for achieving their personal goals;
  • to enhance their soft skills for their future career development; and   
  • to inspire students’ personal and career aspiration from their lecturers/ mentors.


Programme Structure

The programme included five modules delivered by six to seven experienced professionals as lecturers / mentors. It also included intensive group discussion, interactive activities and mentoring. Each module lasted for 3 hours and the trainings were held on five Saturdays. Below table lists the five-module training tailored to HKBU students.




Key Message

The Way to Success (20 Oct 2018)

  • Understand curriculum objectives and requirements.
  • Understand real success is to be a servant leader of integrity. 
  • Learn key elements for a successful life: value, vision and purpose. 
  • Course description, objective and requirements.
  • Understand importance of life purpose, vision, value and leadership.
  • Understand importance of being a servant leader of integrity.


Trust and integrity (27 Oct 2018)


  • Understand the importance of trust and integrity and learn to be a servant leader of integrity.


  • Understand the basis of relationship building is trust and integrity.
  • Building trust requires making a commitment to living a life of integrity.
  • Learn to be a trustworthy person.

Servant Leadership (3 Nov 2018)



  • Understand and learn to practice servant leadership by understanding others’ needs and positively influencing society.  
  • Understand servant leadership and its significance.
  • Learn principles of servant leadership.
  • Learn to exhibit servant leadership in our lives.

Global Mindset and Job Interview (10 Nov 2018)

  • Enhance cultivate awareness in cross-cultural situations.
  • Understand the importance of globalization
  • Learn cultural differences and cultivate awareness of cultures. 
  • Communication and leadership in cross-cultural environments.

Career Development (17 Nov 2018)


  • Understand the demand for talent in the marketplace. 
  • Understand how to develop a career plan and prepare for interviews. 
  • Understand the demand for talent in the Chinese and global markets. 
  • Understand ourselves and learn to develop a career plan.
  • Mock interview and feedback.



TWTS Speakers and Mentors 2018 

TWTS Mentor list

The Way To Success course draws from a network of high qualified professionals. They do not only teach how to build a successful life, but model it. Academically trained and seasoned with real-world experience, our team of trainers bring a unique experience for students who will be inspired to think beyond themselves, cultivate empathy for others and develop an awareness of the needs of their greater community. In TWTS 2018, the speakers and mentors includes (but not limited to): 

  • Mr. Ben Chan

        Head of Talent Development, Sun Hung Kai Properties Group

  • Ms. Tiffany Chow 

        Team Head, North Asia Events, Bloomberg

        Master of Communications (HKBU) 

  • Mr. Robert Fong

        Advisor, IBM China/Hong Kong

  • Ms. Cecilia Ho

        MBA (Harvard), Ex-President, International Papers

  • Mr. Kim Kuen Ip

        Co-Founder & CEO, GRTalent Consulting

        Former Managing Partner, Credo Advisor Limited

  • Mr. Trevor Mak

        Managing Director, Private Bank, Citicorp International Limited

  • Mr. Jonathan Wong

        Director, Management Development Services Ltd

  • Mr. Kenneth Woo

        Ex-Chief Operation Officer, SAP China

  • Mr. K.O. Yap

        Director, CEO Global

        Former EVP & Head of Corporate Finance, Daiwa Securities

  • Mr. David Yang

        Ex-President, AT&T China-Multimedia Group

  • Ms. Jenny Yeung

        Senior Advisor, GRTalent Consulting

  • Eligibility:

 All HKBU students are welcome.

  • Quota:

20 Undergraduates 

20 Postgraduates (Priority will be given to CAST members. Not yet a CAST member? Join us now )

  • Deposit


Upon completion of 4 or more workshops: Undergraduates: fully refund; Postgraduates: 50% refund

  • Application

Interested students should submit the online application (click here) on or before 5 October 2018. Selected applicants will be invited for an interview.

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