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Online Learning Subsidized Scheme

Under the Online Learning Subsidized Scheme, students are encouraged to learn practical and in-demand skills through attending certified online courses. Each successful applicant will receive up to 50% subsidy of the course fee upon the completion of the pre-approved online course.

Available online learning resources

Target beneficiaries

Current undergraduate students

How to apply

Please fill in the application form here. DO NOT sign up for the course before getting the approval from the Career Centre (submission of the application form does not indicate that your application is being approved).

Successful applicants will receive an email from the Career Centre with the subsidy amount and valid date listed, applicant must sign up and complete the course by the valid date.

Reimbursement procedures

Successful applicants MUST submit the soft copy of the following items no later than one month of the course completion date to Ms. Angelina Chan ( by email:

  1. Bank-in slip, ATM slip or monthly bank statement with the course fee transaction clearly shown
  2. Official payment receipt issued by the course organizer
  3. Certificate of completion issued by the course organizer

Applicants who failed to submit all the above documents will not be able to claim the subsidy.



  • The maximum entitlement for each student is HK$2,000. 
  • Applications are processed subject to availability of funds and on a first-come, first-served basis.