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The Zubin Foundation Scholarships for Ethnic Minorities 2022-23 (Deadline: 1 September 2022)

15 JUL - 01 SEP 2022

The Zubin Foundation Scholarships were established to support full-time local ethnic minority (EM) students who are admitted to one of the eight UGC-funded universities in Hong Kong in the AY2022-23. Three types of scholarships are open for application now:

1) TrustTomorrow for full-time Year 1 Undergraduate Students;
2) Full Tuition for full-time Year 1 female Undergraduate Students;
3) Young Women for full-time female students in a Higher diploma, Associate degree or UG degree.

Please click here for more information.

*Note: This scholarship is offered/awarded by an external party. SFA is only responsible for promoting it, but not involved in the selection process. Should you have any questions, please directly contact The Zubin Foundation at 9133 4742 or via email