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Scholarship Schemes for Ethnic Minority Students 2020/21

30 JUN - 04 SEP 2020

Hong Kong Unison has administered the scholarship scheme for ethnic minorities since 2008. The aim of the scholarship scheme is to financially support ethnic minority students to pursue their studies.  For AY 2020/21, there are two scholarships are open application for ethnic minorities: 

1. Chinese Performance Scholarship for Ethnic Minority Students (Deadline: 28 August 2020)
2. Tertiary Education Scholarship for Ethnic Minority Students (Deadline: 4 September 2020)

For more information about the scholarship schemes, please click here.

(This scholarship is offered/awarded by an external party. SFA is only responsible for promoting it, but not involved in the selection process. For any queries, please contact Hong Kong Unison directly at 2789-3246 or via email