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Recruitment from EHL Academy Limited- internship, part time or full time video editing and graphic designing

04 - 30 SEP 2017

We are now offering excellent internship opportunities with very flexible working hours for the following positions:
- Graphic Designer / Content Illustration (插圖)
- Multi-Media Content Production

- Video Editor / Studio Assistant

For internship or freelance, remuneration will be determined by individual project basis, and depend on skill and experience.

For graphic designing, content illustration (插圖) or multi-media content production, tasks could be performed at home basis

For internship or freelance, good performers can be recruited at top priority for summer internship or full time position.

For the detail requirements, please refer to the enclosed jobs and requirements description.
We offer around 30 vacancies of internship in total for different universities or institutions.

Application deadline: 30 Sept 2017