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    [Graduate Opportunity] EYHK 2022 Recruitment Day on 9 Jun

    01 - 07 JUN 2022

    EYHK 2022 Recruitment Day on 9 Jun
    [Graduate Opportunity] EYHK 2022 Recruitment Day on 9 Jun

    Take the opportunity to have the physical interview with our engagement managers that day, and it’s yours to build the exceptional EY experience!
    You will At EY, you can inspire change, unlock opportunities, and unleash your best self to build a better working world.
    Students from all disciplines are welcome. Don’t hesitate, Register Now!

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    Cyberport Career Fair 2022

    31 MAY - 15 JUN 2022

    Cyberport Career Fair 2022
    Cyberport Career Fair 2022
    With the prevalence of the Metaverse, have you ever thought about landing your next job there? Whether you are a job seeker or just interested in the I&T sector, Cyberport Career Fair 2022 is here for you! All set for 4-6 June, Cyberport Career Fair 2022 will provide to-be graduates and young people with FinTech, Smart Living, Digital Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cybersecurity job opportunities.

    Apart from a wide range of job openings, you are most welcome to attend career forums led by I&T industry leaders and young talents, who will share their insights on the development of the I&T sector. Our CV clinic, led by HR professionals, will make your CVs stand out!

    All disciplines welcome – whether you are a soon-to-be graduate majoring in marketing, arts, science, engineering, or other fields, or with a few years of work experience, find your next job in Cyberport Career Fair 2022.

    Click here to learn more and register now:

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    China Hong Kong Culture Exchange Association (CNHK) Innovation & Technology Program

    24 MAY - 27 JUN 2022

    Innovation & Technology Program
    China Hong Kong Culture Exchange Association (CNHK) Innovation & Technology Program
    China Hong Kong Culture Exchange Association (CNHK) extends a warm welcome to you for our annual Innovation and Technology Program, through which we aim to incubate a new generation of talent - passionate university/high-school students - becoming leaders of I&T development in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

    This program has 4 stages: mobilization seminar, I&T Hackathon, virtual GBA tour and competition pitching. Students who join the program could have hands-on project experience in I&T industry and well-recognized project certificate issued by our association, with excellent participants receiving letters of recommendation. Additionally, those who are keen on incubation of their start-ups might find them benefit through the pathway.

    Everyone - both in Hong Kong AND not in Hong Kong - are welcome to join for a month-long, dynamic project experience in the I&T field.

    Why join us?

    • Hands-on Project Experience: Provincial competition participation led by Mr. Nelson Yip, the Honorary Fellow of the City University of Hong Kong, and other potential project opportunities, eg. CCMF, AEF, etc.
    • Program Certificate: certificate issued by the China Hong Kong Cultural Exchange Association makes you stand out from the crowd.
    • Reference Letter: outstanding participants will receive recommendation letters from Mr. Nelson Yip.
    • Networking Opportunities: connect to industry experts, entrepreneurs, university professors, and excellent peers.


    • Hong Kong undergraduate/postgraduate students in any discipline. (High-profile high school students would also be considered)
    • Highly interested in Fintech, education tech, technology for climate change
    • Strong responsibility to contribute to an innovative project
    • Strong communication skills
    • Good team players 

     What do we expect? 

    • Participants actively join in all events of the program
    • Participants develop research skills, team spirit, creativity, product design and presentation techniques
    • Participants commit 8 hours per week to the team project   

    About CNHK:

    To register and view a detailed rundown:

    China Hong Kong Culture Exchange Association
    is an NGO aiming to provide a collaborative and cooperative platform between youth and professionals across several industries. I hope the office can promote this event that will provide students an unforgettable and valuable opportunity in the long run.


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    23 MAY - 10 JUN 2022


    由香港青年聯會主辦,中華全國青年聯合會、香港中聯辦青年工作部及民政事務局作指導機構,香港青聯學生交流網絡推出品牌實習計劃「共創新職涯」,為香港青年提供優質的本地實習機會,讓同學有機會體驗各行各業的獨有 文化,累積工作經驗的同時亦積極探索職業導向,確定理想目標,為未來的職業生涯作好準備。


    掃描海報的QR Code,完成Google Form  (( ,並於首頁填選實習計劃意向 例如:2022「共 創新職涯」香港實習計劃 或 2022 雲遊文藝 暑期線上實習計劃 (實習機構表將持續更新 ,請於面試前預覽,並於面試期間 提出感興趣之實習機構/崗位)

    截至報名時間: 2022年6月10日(星期五)

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    香港青聯學生交流網絡 「雲遊文藝」實習計劃

    23 MAY - 10 JUN 2022

    雲遊文藝實習計劃香港青聯學生交流網絡  「雲遊文藝」實習計劃
    由北京文化和旅遊部和香港青年聯會主辦,中華全國青年聯合會、香港特別行政區政府駐北京辨事處、香港中聯辦青年工作部及民政事務局作指導機構,香港青聯學生交流網絡  推出品牌實習計劃「雲遊文藝」,為香港青年提供優質的文博機構實習機會,給同學接觸文博行業的機會,累積工作經驗的同時亦積極探索職業導向,確定理想目標,為未來的職業生 涯作好準備。

    1. 全國首屈一指的文博機構實習機會
    2. 了解國內在疫情下的工作模式,學習並掌握遠程工作所需的軟件/工具/平台
    3. 通過官方文化增潤活動加深對於文博藝術行業瞭解
    4.  實習工作證明

    報名方法: 掃描海報的QR Code,完成Google Form ( ,並於首頁填選實習計劃意向 例如:2022「共 創新職涯」香港實習計劃 或 2022 雲遊文藝 暑期線上實習計劃 (實習機構表將持續更新,請於面試前預覽,並於面試期間提出感興趣之實習機構/崗位)

    截至報名時間: 2022年6月10日 (星期五)
    面試時間: 2022年6月21日 (星期二) 或 6月22日 (星期三) 晚上