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University Bursaries and Loans 2019/20 (Deadline: 18 Sep 2019)

Bursaries and Loans
19 AUG - 18 SEP 2019

Online Application for University Bursaries and Loans 2019/20
[Application period: 2019.08.19 @9am to 2019.09.18 @5:30pm]

University Bursaries and Loans mainly provide assistance to students who have financial difficulty in paying tuition fee and academic expenses. The bursaries and loans are donated by private organisations, professional bodies, firms and individuals. More than 20 bursary/loan schemes* are included via this one-off application. Scholarships and Financial Aids Unit (SFA) will nominate applicants to donors for approval based on applicants’ family financial conditions, Government financial assistance offered and other criteria set by the donors. For details of each individual bursary/loan scheme, please visit our website.

* These schemes are marked as “open application in Aug/Sep” in “Application Method” in the bursary lists on our website. Some other separate bursary schemes, which are not included in the University Bursaries and Loans application, will have separate promotions and need separate applications. Please pay attention to our promotion via HKBU email, e-Announcement, our website, Facebook and Instagram. Students who have genuine financial need and meet the application eligibility can apply for both University Bursaries and Loans and these separate bursary schemes in the same academic year.

This application is for consideration for both bursary and loan. Applicants do not need to choose to apply for a bursary or a loan on the application form. Applicants who are allocated a bursary will be informed individually by email. Only applicants with proven financial need will be invited for loan application in Semester 2. Applicants can then decide to accept a loan or not upon invitation. Loan applicants have to fill in a separate loan form provided by the fund-providing organisation and handle the loan procedures in person. Therefore, applicants who are on an exchange programme in Semester 2 will not be eligible or invited for loan application. The loans are provided by private organisations and have limited quota. Priority of loan allocation is given to non-final-year first-time loan applicants.

All full-time local UGC-funded undergraduate and PGDE students** who are in genuine financial need can apply for University Bursaries and Loans.
** Full-time PGDE local students are only eligible to apply for a loan scheme.

Can I apply for both University Bursaries and Loans and Government grant / loan?
Yes. The amount of Government financial assistance offered will be taken into consideration.

Application procedure
Please follow the steps below to complete the application:

1)      Prepare all the relevant supporting documents first according to the List of Supporting Documents here.
Please prepare documents before you fill in the online application because you will need all the information on hand in order to fill in accurate information. Once you have submitted the online application (after clicking the “Submit” button), no further modifications can be made through the system. Applicants have the responsibility to submit complete and true information. Filling in accurate information on the online application is essential because your input recorded in our system will affect the vetting procedures and thus our consideration. Therefore, please check carefully and make sure the information input online is complete and true.

2)      Complete the online application. [Application starts at 9am on 2019.08.19]
Please complete the online form with a computer and avoid completing it with mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone.

3)      Download the submitted online application form (in MS WORD .docx format) and print it out.
Please follow the instructions in the auto-email sent to your HKBU email after submitting the online application.

4)     Sign the form by you and your parent(s) on the hard copy of the printed application form, then submit it with the hard copy of all relevant supporting documents to the staff at the counter of Scholarships and Financial Aid Unit, Office of Student Affairs, WLB401, Shaw Campus on or before the deadline at 5:30pm on 18 September 2019 (Wed). Do not drop the application into any drop-in box. Before lining up at the SFA counter to submit the application, students should staple or bind their form and supporting documents to 1 set with a staple, clip or treasury tag on the top left corner themselves.

Deadline for application: 5:30pm, 18 September 2019 (Wednesday) 

Please note that the deadline time is set according to our system’s clock. Late application or online application without the submission of printed application form and a copy of all supporting documents will NOT be considered.


Video about how to apply for University Bursaries and Loans (282MB):

Application video demo for University Bursaries and Loans


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Please click here for details.


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