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  • New Student Orientation

    [UG] Orientation on Hall Life

    23 AUG 2019
    [UG] Orientation on Hall Life

    Welcome to the Undergraduate Halls! In this orientation for Hall freshmen, you will hear from current students on tips for living in the halls and introduction to Hall Life Education Programs. Hall Tours will be provided and you will get to know your hallmates through games and refreshment.

    23 Aug 2019
    7pm - 10pm
    Room 114, Undergraduate Halls
    Application Deadline
    22 Aug 2019 (Thu)
  • Community Engagement

    “Paws Men x Change-Makers Programme Malaysia Trip Sharing” (CCL recognized)

    28 MAR 2019
  • Research and Publication

    [UG] Quality of Hall Life Survey (Semester 2, 2018-19)

    25 MAR - 18 APR 2019
    [UG] Quality of Hall Life Survey (Semester 2, 2018-19)

    To enhance Hall Life Experience, you are invited to complete the online Survey on Quality of Hall Life by 18 Apr 2019 (Thur).  Let Us Know What You Think!  Login and complete the survey HERE by using your Student ID number, or you may visit our Pop-Up Counters.

  • Community Engagement

    Change-Makers Programme “Be Kind To Every Kind” – Advocacy Week

    25 - 29 MAR 2019
    “Charity Sale x Game Booth x Art Installation”
    Li Promenade
  • Green Living

    [UG] Green Quest Seminar Series 2019

    28 FEB - 15 MAR 2019
    [UG] Green Quest Seminar Series 2019

    The Undergraduate Halls believe GREEN is a living style in striving for balance and aiming for sustainability.  Through seminar series on topics like Green Living, Sustainability and Urban Planning by professional speakers, students will gain deeper understanding to the global challenges and how green and sustainability could be better implemented in Hong Kong and at HKBU.

    Students from all study majors are welcomed!

    Seminar 1
    Green Urban Design and Sustainable Lifestyle in our Next Generation New Town
    Seminar 2
    Green Ladies & Green Little: Our Green Journey on eco-shopping
    Seminar 3
    What make a city livable, with examples from local and overseas
    Time, Venue
    19:30-21:00, G9 Undergraduate Halls
    Application Deadline
    22 Feb (Seminar 1), 1 Mar (Seminar 2) and 8 Mar (Seminar 3)