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Human Resources Planning Commission launches one-stop online manpower information portal 人力資源規劃委員會推出一站式網上人力資源資訊平台

23 DEC 2019 - 01 SEP 2020

Dear Students,

The Human Resources Planning Commission, chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration, co-ordinated and launched a one-stop manpower information portal ( on 1st December 2019. The portal consolidates human resources information and data from different sources with a view to providing more convenient access to relevant information to the local labour force to assist them to make informed choices in respect of career, training and development pathways.

The portal comprises an occupation database, information on training courses, consolidated listings of government job vacancies and vacancies from several key local private job boards, a monthly online magazine named “Explorer” which introduces trending topics concerning careers and workplaces, as well as career quizzes.

You are cordially invited to visit the portal*, share its information with your friends, and follow the social media accounts of the online magazine “Explorer” (Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin).

If you have any suggestion or enquiry concerning the portal, please feel free to email

*For the best viewing experience, adopts the latest programming technologies, and does not fully support Internet Explorer.  Please view the website using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge or Safari.

Human Resources Planning and Poverty Co-ordination Unit
Chief Secretary for Administration's Private Office


由政務司司長出任主席的人力資源規劃委員會籌劃並於2019年12月1日推出全新的一站式網上人力資源資訊平台 —,以整合不同來源的相關資訊及數據,讓本地勞動人口在職業、進修及培訓規劃時,可更方便掌握更多有用的參考和導向。


我們誠邀各位同學瀏覽平台*及向朋友分享平台資訊,以及關注《飛雲》網上月刊的社交平台帳號 (FacebookInstagramLinkedin)。


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