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HSBC Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong) Scholarship 2023-24 (Deadline:25 February 2024)

14 NOV 2023 - 25 FEB 2024

HSBC has a long history of supporting charitable programmes that help people in the community develop the skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow. To help Hong Kong’s next generation prepare for a future that is increasingly intertwined with the Greater Bay Area (GBA), the HSBC Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong) Scholarship is established to encourage Hong Kong students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that will help them become competitive, confident, and employable as they pursue a successful and rewarding career in GBA.

For 2023-24, up to 30 students from across the 12 universities / institutions in Hong Kong are to be identified to receive a one-time scholarship award of HKD80,000 which is intended for uses that help realise the awardees’ career plan in GBA. Awardees will also be offered:

  • Membership in an extensive network of like-minded young professionals, providing continuous support and networking opportunities
  • Mentorship, internship and other real-life learning opportunities offered by the GBA-active businesses
  • Dedicated learning opportunities and resources that aim to develop their preparedness for a GBA-specific career plan

Online information session

Interested applicants are strongly recommended to join the online information session on 30 November (Thursday) 5-6pm. Please click here for the details of the information session.


The application for 2023-24 is now open to local full-time undergraduate students who are enrolled in UGC-funded degree programmes of any disciplines, and who: 

(1) are Hong Kong permanent residents with right of abode in Hong Kong;

(2) have attained a cumulative GPA score of 3.00 or above or top 15% of class/department in the first semester of the academic year 2023-24;

(3) are committed to purse employment, entrepreneurial endeavors, or advanced academic opportunities in the wider GBA.


Students will be shortlisted and selected based on the following criteria:

  1. A realistic and an ambitious plan for a long-term career in the wider GBA
  2. An in-depth understanding of skills and knowledge required to achieve the career plan
  3. Candidates with a focus on strategic sectors (e.g. digital, innovation and technology, and green business) will be given an advantage.
  4. Future leaders who demonstrate all-roundedness
  5. Commitment to be an active member of a community of HSBC Scholars


Please click here to download the application form. The form is fillable. Please type in the form. 

The Office of Student Affairs will certify your eligibility in the very last section of the application form. Please leave that section blank (i.e., Do NOT ask your faculty/department staff to fill in that part).

  1. Save your completed application form and add PDF attachments of your transcript (student copy), thoughts on GBA opportunities, 2 personal essays and recommendation letter as instructed on the application form. Scan all required supporting documents (i.e., certificate/proof of extra-curricular activities/community services/achievements, etc.). Combine your application form and scanned supporting documents as ONE (1) PDF file.
  2. Name your PDF file in the format of "HSBC GBA_student ID_full name" (e.g. HSBC GBA_20221111_Chan Tai Man). We may not be able to identify your submission if you do not name your file as instructed.
  3. Make sure the scans of your documents are clear and legible. Any parts that are missing, unclear, and incomprehensible will NOT be considered.
  4. Try to keep your pdf file under 25MB. You may not need to scan the documents in the highest/top quality if standard quality suffice. Your PDF file should NOT exceed 25MB.
  5. Login to our “Documents Upload Platform” at with your SSOid. Choose and click “HSBC Greater Bay Area Scholarship” in the menu to upload the documents. We will NOT be able to receive your documents if you choose another scheme, so please click the scheme name carefully. The “Documents Upload Platform” will close automatically at the application deadline 11:59pm of 25 February 2024 (Sunday). You will receive an auto-email from the system upon successful upload of your PDF file.
  6. To avoid being late, you should upload your PDF well before the deadline, as there may be unexpected technical errors/difficulties that require you extra time to solve. Note that the submission time is subject to our system’s clock on the website, which may or may not be the same as your watch, and the Office of Student Affairs has the discretion to make final judgments on whether the application is considered late.

You may print out/scan your SLES record ( as supporting proofs for HKBU internal activities/ service/ scholarships. Copies of certificates, letters, name cards, emails, magazines, webpages, newspaper clippings and/or other documents that have (1) your name, (2) the position held and (3) the organization name can be used as the supporting documents for your activities/ services if they do not appear on your SLES record. However, please highlight the relevant information on the documents for easy identification. 

Partial submissions/late applications will NOT be considered. You should ONLY attach relevant supporting documents with your application form. Form submission via hardcopy or email is not accepted.


After internal vetting, suitable candidates will be nominated to HSBC for a further screening. Candidates shortlisted by HSBC will be invited to attend the final interview at HSBC by June 2024. As candidates are shortlisted and selected on a competitive basis, there is no guarantee that any, or all, candidates nominated will be invited to the interview or will receive a scholarship. Results will be announced near the end of the academic year in June 2024. 


  • Please click here for general tips on completing scholarship application forms.
  • Faculty members are welcome to nominate eligible students to apply.


For enquiries, please feel free to contact us at 3411 2311 or by email to