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HKBU Second-hand Items Exchange Platform (HKBU2X)

13 APR - 30 JUN 2023

As an initiative of the Undergraduate Halls, you are probably aware that the HKBU Second-hand Items Exchange Platform (HKBU2X) has been established exclusively for students and staff members to resell or give away second-hand items.  HKBU2X aims at enhancing a sustainable low-carbon campus at HKBU and provides a convenient way for the University members to exchange their personal items with one another in order to reduce the amount of solid waste generated.

You can simply register at the platform ( with your HKBU email address and start to exchange items with others.  If you have any questions or feedback on using HKBU2X, please email us at

Thank you for your contribution in making HKBU a greener campus!

Undergraduate Halls
Office of Student Affairs