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‘For Our Future’ Scholarship 2021/22 (Deadline: 5:30pm of 3 November 2021)

08 OCT - 03 NOV 2021

The Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation is offering the ‘For Our Future’ Scholarship to local students in recognition of their academic studies and contributions to society through financial support that enables them to achieve their goals and aspirations. Successful candidates will be those students who have demonstrated excellent performance in their academic studies, personal development (sports, arts and music, etc.) and social services. They are also expected to have a strong commitment to Hong Kong and a desire to continue serving society after graduation.

Up to 15 scholarship awards at HK$50,000 each will be offered in the 2021/22 academic year for eligible students from 13 Hong Kong educational institutions. HKBU will nominate up to 2 students to compete with other local university students for the awards. For more information, please refer to the information note here.


The Scholarship will be awarded to local full-time undergraduate students (year 2 and above) or master's degree students aged 18-40 studying in any disciplines. Applicants should have attained an annual GPA of 3.30 or above in academic year 2020/21 with outstanding personal developments (in sports, art, music, etc.), participation in social services, and leadership skills. For senior entrants and master students, they should have attained a GPA of 3.3 or above from previous sub-degree or undergraduate studies.


The application form can be downloaded here. The form is fillable. Please type in the form.

  1. Save your completed application form together with scanned copies of all required supporting documents listed in Annex B of the application form as ONE (1) PDF file. Name your PDF file in the format of "For Our Future_student ID_full name" (e.g. For Our Future _20201111_Chan Tai Man). We may not be able to identify your submission if you do not name your file as instructed.
  2. Please make sure the scans of your documents are clear and legible. Any parts that are missing, unclear, and incomprehensible will NOT be considered.
  3. Please try to keep your pdf file under 25MB. You may not need to scan the documents in the highest/top quality if standard quality suffice. Your PDF file should NOT exceed 25MB.
  4. Login to our “Documents Upload Platform” at with your SSOid. Choose and click “For Our Future Scholarship” in the menu to upload the documents. We will NOT be able to receive your documents if you choose another scheme, so please click the scheme name carefully. The “Documents Upload Platform” will close automatically at the application deadline 5:30pm of 3 November 2021 (Wednesday). You will receive an auto-email from the system upon successful upload of your PDF file.
  5. To avoid being late, you should upload your PDF well before the deadline, as there may be unexpected technical errors/difficulties that require you extra time to solve. Note that the submission time is subject to our system’s clock on the website, which may or may not be the same as your watch, and the Office of Student Affairs has the discretion to make final judgments on whether the application is considered late.

Partial submissions/late applications will NOT be considered. You should ONLY attach relevant supporting documents with your application form. Submitting application forms attached with irrelevant documents such as activities/services proofs that are not within 3 years, etc. might adversely affect your application.

Due to very limited nomination quota, only shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an internal panel interview at HKBU tentatively in late November 2021. Suitable candidates will then be recommended to the Foundation for their final selection. For your information, the final interview organized by the Foundation has been tentatively scheduled for mid-late January 2022 in Hong Kong. If you are not physically in Hong Kong and/or you are unable to attend both interviews in Hong Kong, please do not apply.

Results of the application will be announced in February 2022. The Scholarship will be awarded at the Award Presentation Ceremony to be held tentatively during February-April 2022. Absence from the Award Presentation Ceremony will mean forfeiture of the scholarship.

Note that this Scholarship requires open competition with students from other institutions. The award for HKBU students is not guaranteed.

Please click here for general tips on completing scholarship application forms.

Faculty members are welcome to encourage eligible students to apply.


For enquiries, please feel free to contact us at 3411 2307 or by email to

Scholarships & Financial Aid Unit
Website:  HKJC QR code