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Closing Ceremony celebrates the successful completion of the 16th Peer Support Scheme (2016-17)

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26 MAR 2017

The 16th Peer Support Scheme Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony on 26 March 2017 (Sunday) at Room 501, Fong Shu Chuen Library, Ho Sin Hang Campus, marked and celebrated the successful completion of the Peer Support Scheme (PSS) in 2016-17.  The Scheme is the very programme to train up HKBU students to provide peer-supporting service to youth at risk in the Kowloon City District. It has been the 16th year Leadership Qualities Centre co-organising PSS with Kowloon City District Fight Crime Committee, Kowloon City District Home Affairs Department, The Police Community Relations Officer of Kowloon City District, and Youth Care Net in Kowloon City. 

The Closing Ceremony reunited the mentors and mentees once again and commended their brilliant performance and growth throughout the Scheme. 17 mentors, the HKBU volunteers, befriended 24 mentees, the service targets, in the past 9 months. Through various activities such as adventure camps, outdoor activities, visit, and experiential learning activities, the mentors provided peer-supporting service to and maintained good communication with the mentees, instilled in them the proper concepts, encouraged them to build up a positive view of life, and grew together and made personal breakthroughs with the mentees. 

Mr. C.K. Siu, BBS, HM, JP (Kowloon City District Fight Crime Committee) and Ms. Alice Lee (Kowloon City Police District) presented award certificates to HKBU mentors in the Closing Ceremony. Ms. Helen Lau (Kowloon City District Office, Home Affairs Department), Mr. Jova Wong (Youth Care Net in Kowloon City), Mr. Tony Chan (Leadership Qualities Centre) and Ir. Arthur Lee (Working Group on Youth Growth) presented awards or certificates to the mentees.

The mentors and mentees recalled and shared with the attendees the fun and memorable moments during the past 9 months with a video and a chit-chat session. A group photo and a light lunch rounded up the Ceremony. All guests, mentors, mentees and the social workers of Youth Care Net in Kowloon City enjoyed the precious time of being together.

The 17th Peer Support Scheme (2017-18) will recruit volunteers in April 2017.

Mentor receives award certificateMentor receives award certificateVideo tells the fun during the SchemeMentor shares experience and memorable moments from the Scheme