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Citi: Upcoming Recruiting Events in Hong Kong

27 SEP - 14 OCT 2019

Citi: Upcoming Recruiting Events in Hong Kong

Women in Markets Scholarship Event

  • This is a diversity focused recruiting event. For details please see the attached flyer.
    This is an invite-only event. Selected students will receive an acceptance email by Oct 15.
  • Event Date: Oct 18, Friday
  • Event Time: 4pm
  • Event Venue: Citi office at Champion Tower, Central
  • Requirements: (1) Female and Penultimate year student;
                               (2) Applied for our Hong Kong 2020 Markets Summer Internship Program;
                               (3) Register a place online by Oct 14
  • Registration link:

Step into Securities Services Event

  • This event is specialized for students who want to understand more about Securities Services and keen to join its 2020 Summer Internship Program.  
  • Welcome penultimate year students from all academic background particularly non-mathematics and non-quant students.
  • Event date is firmed up as Nov 1, Friday. I will email you more details and registration method later.

Last, we have created a new marketing initiative called VR Tour. Users can view the actual work environment of Citi via a goggle. It’s been published in HKET recently, see article below.