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    Hack Asia - Online Hackathon

    10 - 20 JUN 2020
    Hack Asia - Online Hackathon

    Hack Asia - Online Hackathon
    On 6-8th July, the 36H Challenges include:

    1. Accenture Ready for Take-off
    2. Dairy Farm Retail Reboot
    3. Gammon Building Robust Data Foundations
    4. Hactl Smooth Operators
    5. Hongkong Land Leveraging Consumer Insights for Tenant Selection
    6. HSBC Financial Partner and Operator – Future Financial Solutions
    7. Jardine Restaurant Group & Microsoft Cooking With AI and Big Data
    8. Jardine International Motors Creating Exceptional Mobility & Lifestyle Experiences
    9. JLL Building a Better World
    10. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Bespoke Experiences for Bespoke Guests

    Deadline: 20 June 2020

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    Mock Interviews by Professionals (Part 11: PR, Marketing and Media)

    09 - 17 JUN 2020


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    Summer School for Global Leadership | Working Team Recruitment

    08 - 14 JUN 2020

    This Summer, from 25 – 31 July, The HKFYG Leadership Institute will be holding the Summer School for Global Leadership for secondary students to enrich their global perspectives and leadership skills. We are now recruiting group leaders and organising committees who are passionate in global and local issues and eager to gain experience by leading the next generation.

    Summer School for Global Leadership is a seven-day intensive summer leadership programme which aims to enhance students’ understanding as future leaders and to make informed decisions with passion and empathy in constructing a world. With the aid of our working team, students would get to know more about the COIVD-19 crisis, Sustainable Development Goals and various world's pressing issues with a whole new angle. 

    This programme will be a chance for students to do something different, acting as group facilitator, global ambassador and event organiser for the school and outreach activities in various sectors. Training workshops will be provided to students, encouraging them to lead the group, facilitate the entire programme and become future trainer and event organiser. Remuneration will also be prepared to students who has signed up for the service. Please find more information about the positions through:

    For the interested candidates, please apply at on or before 14 June 2020 (Sun).

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    Career Centre: Mock Interviews by Professionals (Part 10 - IT Industry)

    01 - 10 JUN 2020


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    Career Centre: Mock Interviews by Professionals (Part 9: Various Industries)

    25 MAY - 03 JUN 2020