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HKBU Student Engagement Awards "CampUS connect"

Invites Project Proposals from BU Teams to Reimagine Campus Life

Campus life is one of the essential elements of our university experience. During the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face classes are switched to online or mixed-mode teaching and many on-campus co-curricular and extra-curricular activities or orientations are cancelled.  Are you wondering how we might sustain campus life creatively so that all of us can enjoy friendships and be connected with the campus community?  Have you considered re-creating and reliving the “missing” moments on campus?  Any campus experience that the coming graduates can cherish before graduation?

Join us to make your ideas come true!  The awards will be given to student-initiated projects which will contribute to promoting students’ campus experience, increasing students’ sense of belonging to HKBU and/or interaction among students on campus.   

Interested students are encouraged to showcase their creativity and innovation to explore all possible ways to adapt to the new normal. The mode is flexible and different types of projects, in virtual, mixed-mode or face-to-face mode, are welcome which may include but not limited to:

eg., projects to engage students to visit the campus over a staggering period of time
eg., virtual/augmented reality project for students to interact with each other

We stay safely creative! Students should observe the government and the university's guidelines on social distancing and anti-gathering and work out a contingency plan if necessary.

Location (for physical activities) 

Hong Kong Baptist University campuses

Application Details


All students, whether UGC-funded or not, are eligible to apply.  Teams from different programmes or of different nationality are encouraged.

Types of Application

Up to five projects will be selected for funding.

Type Project Subsidy Amount Cash Prize Number of Persons Involved
Team up to $20,000 $1,000/team member (up to $5,000/team) ≥2
  • The maximum amount of the subsidy is $20,000 per project for the organization of the project on a reimbursable basis. 
  • The applicants are requested to declare if other sources of funding are solicited from the University or external source(s).
  • Worthwhile but not shortlisted proposals will be given a small encouragement gift of $100 coupon per team member.

Application and Selection Procedures

  1. Complete an application form by 7 May 2021 (5 pm) including a budget and a 2-minute video to show the project idea and send the application to with the google link to the video or other supplementary information. 
  2. The Team can identify a HKBU staff as a mentor to provide guidance to launch the project. The Organizer can also assign a mentor to the Team who cannot find one. 
  3. Shortlisted entries will be uploaded to the BUHub for public voting.  The selected teams will be invited to attend a selection interview via zoom.

 Requirements for Selected Teams

  1. Before project launching
  • consult the mentor
  • submit a finalised proposal
  1. During project execution
  • share your experience on social media and BUHub
  • report the progress to the mentor regularly
  • invite participants to complete a questionnaire (the standard questionnaire will be provided in due course)
  1. After completion of the project
  • submit articles, photos and videos to share your experience
  • complete a report including the feedback collection and attend an evaluation session
  • share your experience in any publicity under the Award

Subsidy Payment

Successful Team will receive the payment in two instalments: the first 40% on commencement of the project and the remaining payment after submission of completion report.

Cash Prize

The cash prize will be awarded after submission of the completion report. 

Assessment Criteria

Focus on the vision demonstrated in the proposal to respond to the subject matter in a creative and innovative approach.

Focus on the insight and practical impact of the proposal, whether it can effectively arouse the students’ interest and promote campus experience and atmosphere (campus-based)

Mix of Student Groups from different programmes and nationalities

Focus on the abilities to engage students from different programmes, year of studies and nationalities for better integration
Focus on the presentation skills of the applicant to introduce the proposal in a lively and appealing ways. The comprehensiveness and feasibility of the proposal will also be taken into consideration.
Online Voting

Focus on the public acceptance of the proposal. The public will vote for a proposal that they support.



7 May 2021 (5pm) Application Deadline
18-26 May 2021 Online voting on BUHub
20-26 May 2021 Interview
31 May 2021 Announcement of results
June - September 2021 (anytime in between) Project Execution
One month after project completion Prepare a completion report with income and expenditure and statement (supported by original receipts) and attend an evaluation session


Acknowledgements should be included in the publicity (English or bilingual) of the project*:
“Sponsored by: Student Engagement, Enrichment and Development Fund”.
* including all online or printed materials such as banner, poster, booklet, brochure, leaflets, etc


Miss Amelie Liu
Phone: 3411 2658 /


Centre for Innovative Service-Learning


International Office
Office of Student Affairs