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A gap year opportunity for your students in Hong Kong

22 JUN - 31 AUG 2018

Invaluable opportunity for your students about this gap year opportunity in Hong Kong while gaining the expertise in sailing and boating.

There is a very strong self and career discovery element in this program which makes it very suitable for students who have been stressed out by academic work or are not sure about their next steps in study or career.

This opportunity is suitable for all levels of students in your university.

For students who are struggling with their study and are considering quitting university, taking a year out where they can reflect and relate to the world from a different perspective may help them re-think about their next steps and re-energised.

Please follow this link to visit our website for more information:

Your students, parents and you are also welcome to join a Taster Day Trip on our boat to meet our Principal and to get to know better about this opportunity while having a fun day out in the sea.