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Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme 2020/21 (Deadline: 31 Dec 2019)

23 OCT - 31 DEC 2019

The Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme (HKSES) aims to support local students to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies at world renowned universities outside Hong Kong (i.e. during the period of August 2020 to July 2021), with a view to grooming a top cadre of talents with global vision, international network and world-class education, thereby contributing to enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness as Asia’s World City in a globalised knowledge economy. The scheme also seeks to support those students who have excellent academic achievement but lack the financial means to study at top-notch universities outside Hong Kong.   Please click here for more details.

**Scholarship consultation and interview coaching services from SFA will be provided for this Scholarship. If you need advice or guidance during the application process, such as how to present yourself on the application form, please feel free to consult our scholarship advisors Blanche Pang (Tel: 3411 7458) or Joey Lau (Tel: 3411 7225) or by email to If you are invited to attend the selection interview, we are happy to offer you a mock interview coaching service. Please contact us for the arrangement.

For general tips on completing scholarship application forms, you may click here for reference.