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  • Accommodation

    [UG] Fire Drill on 27 Jan 2023

    27 JAN 2023

    The Undergraduate Halls Team is scheduling a Fire Drill on 27 January 2023. For your own safety, please take the fire drill seriously. If you are in the Halls (including BU fiesta or common/ outdoor areas) when the fire alarm rings or light flash continuously, you should act immediately according to the instructions.

  • Leadership

    Hall Tutor (HT) and Non-Local Mentor (NLM) Recruitment 2023-2024

    16 JAN - 12 MAR 2023
    Hall Tutor (HT) and Non-Local Mentor (NLM) Recruitment 2023-2024

    The Undergraduate Halls is recruiting Hall Tutors and Non-local Mentors for academic year 2023-2024.  

    We are searching for student leaders committed to work with us on maintaining the Undergraduate Halls as a safe, warm and supportive living-learning environment. Hall Tutors and Non-local Mentors will receive pre-service and on-the-job communication and skills training, as well as mentorship on personal development. Hall Tutors will be provided with free accommodation. All HKBU undergraduate and postgraduate students in the academic year 2023-2024 are welcome.

    Application Deadline
    12 Mar 2023, 5 pm
  • Campus Life

    [UG] Orientation on Hall Life 2022-23, Sem 2

    12 - 13 JAN 2023
    [UG] Orientation on Hall Life 2022-23, Sem 2

    What is Hall Life? What is Hall Life Education?
    As a hall-freshman, you must be interested to know a bit more about Hall Life from the insiders. Join this CCL-recognised session hosted by the student leaders to know more.

    7 pm - 9 pm
    Room 114 or G9, Undergraduate Halls
    10 Jan 2023, 4pm (Tue)