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  • Whole Person Development

    [UG] Jockey Club “In Search of Voice in a Cramped City” Dance Education Programme

    11 - 23 APR 2022
    [UG] Jockey Club “In Search of Voice in a Cramped City” Dance Education Programme

    Jockey Club “In Search of Voice in a Cramped City” Dance Education Programme. Join us for two Contemporary Dance workshops hosted by Passoverdance!  (CCL recognised)

    Workshop 1
    11, 13 & 15 Apr 2022 (7-10pm)
    Workshop 2
    19, 21 Apr 2022 (7-10pm) & 23 Apr 2022 (11am-2pm)
  • Career

    JA Mentorship Programme with Swire Women’s Network 2022

    11 - 20 APR 2022

    JA Mentorship Programme 2022 has launched! We are inviting 15 passionate tertiary female students to an exclusive women leadership development opportunity. To help your students to capture this precious learning experience, you may want to share the following news with them!  

    Students may join our six-month JA Mentorship Programme to become mentees of successful women leaders from various operations of Swire Group. The program is co-organized by Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JA HK) and Swire Women’s Network. For details, please refer to our program flyer:
    Application Method
    Please complete the application form on or before 20 April 2022 (Wednesday) and submit a picture of yourself and a self-introduction at:
    Your self-introduction should be in one of the following formats:

    • An essay (no more than 300 words in Chinese or 150 words in English), OR
    • A presentation deck with no more than 10 slides, OR
    • A video not longer than one minute

    About Swire Women’s Network
    Women in Swire to connect with one another to share experiences and ideas.
    About Swire Group
    The Swire group is a multi-national, multi-disciplined commercial group, with its principal areas of operations in the Asia Pacific region, and centred on the Greater China area. Their main divisions include Property, Aviation, Beverages and Food Chain, Marine Services and Trading and Industrial. Swire pride themselves on being original and forward-looking, setting standards for operational excellence wherever they do business – qualities that have guided their operations for 200 years.
    Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity, submit your online application now! For enquiry, please contact

  • Career

    Career consultations by professionals

    08 - 30 APR 2022


  • Whole Person Development

    [UG] Minimalism- A Fuller Life from Fewer Cravings 簡約生活由執屋開始

    31 MAR 2022
    [UG] Minimalism- A Fuller Life from Fewer Cravings 簡約生活由執屋開始

    <<簡約生活由執屋開始>> 居家抗疫期間,有沒有發現枱面,衣櫃,甚至儲物櫃也越來越多物件? 想尋找東西也特別困難? 或許,這是一個提示:您應該要整理一下物件了。
    在這個廣東話講授的聯通課程,您會了解到什麼是真正的整理,執屋和斷捨離的關係,和分類重點,從而保持房間/ 家居整齊。
    To fight against the pandemic, we stay at home for most of the time. Do you notice that more and more stuff is piling up on your desks, closets and cabinets? And do you find it difficult to search for things? Maybe it is time for you to tidy up and organise them.  
    In this CCL-recognised workshop (In Cantonese), we will learn the essence of organising, home decluttering and minimalism, and how to categorise items to keep your room/ home neat. 

    7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
    28 Mar 2022 (Mon)
  • Career

    Deloitte Digital Difference Camp 2022

    29 MAR - 29 APR 2022

    Deloitte Digital Difference Camp 2022

    Register deadline: 29 April 2022