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06 MAY - 01 JUN 2019

招募「網上升學達人」 (Leaflet)     (Details)

Collaborated with Hang Seng Bank, our team is going to launch a first-ever online youth portal in September. One of the key features - Online Mentorship is designed to help the youth to solve questions related to further studies and career development (attached the leaflet for your reference).

We are now preparing to recruit mentors from university to join this innovative volunteer program, and hope they can answer 師弟妹's questions related to school and program information through our online platform. In return, we will arrange comprehensive and useful training to the mentors for enhancing their soft skills!

Here are some important dates:

  • Mentor’s interview: Late May
  • Mentorship Training: start from 4 June (please refer to attached schedule for details)

You may find more information of our project:
調查反映青年溝通模式轉變 將創設「網上職學達人」助生涯規劃

恒生—聖雅各福群會青年職學平台 加入人工智能支援青年選科擇業