To promote the development of the self-financing post-secondary sector, the Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme (SPSS) is set up by the HKSAR Government under the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund to offer scholarships and awards to students pursuing full-time Higher Diploma in Film (HD in Film) and Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) in Accountancy (BCom Accountancy) programmes at HKBU. There are two types of scholarships established under the Scheme, namely, the Outstanding Performance Scholarship and the Best Progress Award.

For the 2011/12 academic year, the Outstanding Performance Scholarship will be awarded to 1 current non-local student (at HK$80,000 each) or 2 current local students (at HK$40,000 each) of the BCom Accountancy programme, and 2 current local or non-local students (at HK$30,000 each) of the HD in Film programmes.

The Best Progress Award will be open for competition to all self-financing post-secondary students in Hong Kong who successfully completed their study in the preceding academic year (i.e., 2010/11). HKBU will nominate 1 student from the HD in Film programmes and 1 from the BCom Accountancy programme to compete for the Award.


The Outstanding Performance Scholarship will be offered to currently studying local and non-local students pursuing full-time HD in Film and BCom Accountancy programmes who have:
(a) high standard of academic performance;
(b) demonstration of leadership and good communication skills;
(c) valuable contribution to the institution/community; and/or
(d) strong commitment to the Hong Kong community

For students who entered the HD in Film and BCom Accountancy programmes in 2011/12 (i.e., without GPA scores at HKBU), applicants should have outstanding academic results during secondary education (including public examinations), or outstanding non-academic achievements such as awards/recognitions in international/territory-wide competition/events.

For students who have GPA scores at HKBU, the top 10% of students with the highest cumulative GPA but not less than GPA of 3.00 in the HD in Film and BCom Accountancy programmes will be invited by email to apply for the Scholarship.

For the Best Progress Award, 2 graduates who successfully completed their study in 2010/11 will be nominated by relevant departments according to their intensity of academic improvement during their study and cumulative GPA at HKBU.


The application form for the Outstanding Performance Scholarship can be downloaded here.

Please note that Part C and D of the form will be handled by the Office of Student Affairs, please do NOT invite other offices to complete Part C and D for you.

The completed application form (Part A and B) together with copies of the relevant supporting documents (including academic transcripts, certificates/awards for participation in extra-curricular activities and community services, if any) should be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs, 8/F Yeung Shui Sang Building, Ho Sin Hang Campus, at or before 5:30pm, November 30, 2011 (Wednesday).

Late submission or submission with incomplete information will not be considered.

Short-listed candidates of the Outstanding Performance Scholarship may be invited to attend a selection interview in early December 2011.

Faculty members are welcome to encourage eligible students to apply.

For enquiries, please feel free to contact Ms. Joey Lau at 3411 7225 or by email to laujoey@hkbu.edu.hk.



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