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Change-Makers Programme (CMP)

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About Global Citizenship Education (GCE)

Audrey Osler, the director of the Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights Education at the University of Leeds, England affirms that “Education for living together in an interdependent world is not an optional extra, but an essential foundation.”

Merry Merryfield, Professor in Social Studies and Global Education, The Ohio State University focusses on understanding the self in relation to the global community with a curriculum that attends to human values and beliefs, global systems/issues/history, cross cultural understandings, and the development of analytical and evaluative skills.

Michael O’Sullivan believes Global Citizenship Education needs to be taught from a critical and transformative perspective, whereby students are thinking, feeling, and doing.  GCE requires students to be politically critical and personally transformative.

There are different conceptual foundations for global citizenship education in different countries or different institutions.  Some may target to train skillful employees for their international trade and financial business.  Some may hold the patriotic purpose of “knowing the enemy”.  But more are adopting the values that there are something in common for humanity seeking for peace, harmony and mutual care and respect among fellow global citizens.

About Change-Makers Programme

The Change-Makers programme (CMP) aims to nurture participants into responsible global citizens who can thrive in a global economy and become socially responsible and civically engaged leaders at home and abroad through a series of learning opportunities which enable them to gain awareness of global issues (e.g., questions of peace, human rights, equality and justice, diversity, identity, citizenship, democracy, power, privilege, sustainability, and ethical action.) while promoting such awareness to the student body on campus and in the local community through structured campaigns.  Student participants will develop to be agents of social change for a better world for humanity as a whole tackling global problems, such as environment and technology, health and disease, conflict and insecurity, poverty and development, etc. The Programme enhances some specific Graduate Attributes (GAs) identified by the university.

Why should you join the Change-Makers Programme?

The Change-Makers Programme provides students with a series of useful trainings and experiential learning activities which aim to achieve the following intended learning outcomes:

  1. Students would have broader knowledge, deeper concern, and greater awareness of regional and international affairs;
  2. Students would be able to conduct effective research, analyze issues with a critical mind, as well as plan and implement service projects such as local campaigns related to the promotion of positive human values and global ethics;
  3. Students would uphold a positive and passionate serving attitude to contribute to the local and global societies.

Selected Global Issue for Study in 2016-17

"We Care & Love. Make Changes for Social Inclusion"

Programme Schedule (tentative)

Tentative Schedule of Change-Makers Programme 2016-17
Content Date Time
Rrecruitment & Application Period 5 Sep - 22 Oct 2016 (Thu) N/A
Application Deadline 22 Sep 2016 (Thu) N/A
Interview Sessions 27 -29 Sep 2016 TBC
1. Preparation
Welcome Sessio  & Team Building 13 Oct 2016 (Thu) 1900 - 2200
"Listen" to their stories 28 Oct 2016 (Fri) 1900 - 2200
Experience the city in "blind" Early Nov 2016 (TBC) TBC
Preparation for day trip with disabled person Early Nov 2016 (TBC) TBC
Day trip with the disabled person 13 Nov 2016 (Sun) (TBC) TBC
Preparation for Overseas Study Tour I End of Nov TBC
Preparation for Overseas Study Tour II 28 Dec 2016 - 10 Jan 2017 (TBC) 1000 - 1700
2. Exploration
City Explorer - Study Tour in Germany
- Visit Berlin, the city winning the "2013 Access City Award for Disabled-friendly Citiies"
31 Dec 2016 - 10 Jan 2017 (TBC)  
3. Action
Re-Union 19 Jan 2017 (Thu) 1900 - 2200
Preparation for Advocacy Early Feb to End of Mar 2017 TBC
Self-initiative Advocacy Project Early April 2017 TBC
Reporting and Evaluation Mid April 2017 N/A


Programme Fee

HK$8,500* (After deduction of SA subsidy)
(Original programme fee: HK$17,000)

*Include airfare, meal, local transportation, accommodation.
*NOT include application fee of visa (for non-local students)

* If students cannot perform satisfactory performance# during the programme, he/she will be required to pay the original programme fee.
*Students, who successfully apply the HKSAR Government Reaching Out Award (HK$10,000), are required to reimbursed the second batch payment (HK$8,500) upon receipt of the award.

#80% of attendance and submit a programme report. Students should apply for absence in advance (at least 3 days prior) with valid reasons. Day trip with disabled person, overseas study trip, advocacy activity are compulsory items.

^Non-UGC-fund students and foreign students who exchange in HKBU cannot enjoy the subsidy.


Both local and non-local students in full-time publicly-funded undergraduate programmes with cGPA 3.00 or above can apply the HKSAR Government Reaching Out Award (ROA) of HK$10,000 if they fulfill our programme requirements (Please refer to the note#). Exchange students are not eligible to apply for this award. Recipients of ROA are only eligible to receive the award once throughout their studies. Students CANNOT receive the ROA and the SA subsidy of HK$8,500 concurrently.


Full-time undergraduate students who are Year 2 or above. Local, non-local, foreign students who exchange for 2 semesters in HKBU are welcome.

Application Procedure

  1. Please read carefully the Programme Details on our website.
  2. Complete the online application.
    (application deadline: 22 Sept 2016)
  3. Attend the interview on 27, 28 or 29 Sept 2016 upon invitation, which will be sent via email by 26 Sept 2016 at the latest

Programme Highlights (2015/16)

The Change-Makers Programme (CMP) was organized in its third year with emphasis on the global issue of refugee. After research and skills training, 15 change-makers visited Mae sot, Thailand for 11 days to work hand‐in‐hand with Burmese migrants there for reconstruction of migrant schools. Furthermore, the participants initiated several advocacy activities (Myanmar Week, Movie Night, School Talk) after the overseas tour.

Participants build a classroom for the migrant children. Participants build a classroom for the migrant children.

Fun time with local migrant children during the breakFun time with local migrant children during the break

Construction work is completed! Construction work is completed!

The poor living condition in the rubbish dump is shocking.The poor living condition in the rubbish dump is shocking.

Participants organised the Movie Night to raise fund for the migrant school in Thailand. Participants organised the Movie Night to raise fund for the migrant school in Thailand.


News Coverage (2015/16)

浸大生赴泰蓋磚牆小學 籌款建飯堂  [頭條日報] 2016-04-11 P25 港聞 學府風 袁效仁

Ye Karina Yan Wen

Ye Karina Yan Wen, Kira / Visual Arts / Year 4

The programme gave me a really great opportunity to help the others as well as to learn and grow. It allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and engaged into a work that is both practical and meaningful. The trip helped me to understand that happiness comes from believing that the work you are doing can really make the lives of others better.

Lau Chun Tao

Lau Chun Tao, Jay / Visual Arts / Year 4

Overall, I think the programme enriched us with an unforgettable and eye-opening experience. It was well constructed, providing us with a chance to explore the refugee issue in Thailand as well as a better understanding of the local refugee issue. The trip to Thailand was also well-planned. It was definitely a life changing experience!

Zhang Fengjing

Zhang Fengjing, Phoebe / Sociology / Year 4

CMP has made me understand that we need not change the whole world once and for all. Instead, a bottom-up approach can be empowering to the people of concern. What really matters is “making a difference to a particular person.” Moreover, the difference we made was always mutual.

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