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Wofoo Civic Leadership Programme (WCLP)


Experiential Learning Stages

Stages of Development


As a leader of tomorrow, University student should not only be equipped with leading skills, but also to possess in-depth knowledge, positive values, be responsible, and be willing to give and actively engage to the community.

Understanding and caring is the paramount of responsibility. Through experiential learning, i.e. concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation, students would enhance their knowledge and skills which they can utilize and transform into actions for the common good of the society. Moreover, their personal values would be established.  

This programme embarks multi-dimensional understanding of Hong Kong’s current affairs, Government policies and social development, as well as her interaction between Mainland China and surrounding regions, from historical, sociological, cultural, political and economic perspectives. It also encourages critical thinking and self-reflection, in order to nurture responsible young leader with rational and critical mindset, creativity and positive values..


  • To raise students’ civic awareness and their interest to current affairs and social policy
  • To encourage students to think in multi-dimension and critical ways to build up personal values
  • To build sense of belonging through understanding in the current development of Hong Kong
  • To encourage students in taking up role and responsibility of a civic leader and be actively engaged to the community
  • To nurture responsible citizenship, thus building a harmonious society

Wofoo Civic Leadership Programme 2017 – “Fairness Inside You”

  1. Fair Trade Study Tour – A Mainland China Experience in Hubei
  2. Fair Trade Study Tour – An Overseas Experience in Sri Lanka
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WCLP2017 Poster

All HKBU Undergraduate Students. (Preference will be given to students in UGC-funded students.)
  1. 1.Fair Trade Study Tour – A Mainland China Experience in Hubei:
    HKD1,500* (original cost: HKD8,000) + HKD500 (Deposit)
  2. 2.Fair Trade Study Tour – An Overseas Experience in Sri Lanka:
    HKD3,000* (Original cost: HKD9,500) + HKD1,000 (Deposit)
  • Fee amount is calculated after deduction of eligible subsidies. Visa fee excluded.
  • Deposit shall be refunded to participants without interest upon completion of the programme satisfactorily.
  • If applicable, each accepted applicant will be matched for suitable subsidy automatically. i.e. Mainland Experience Scheme for Hubei Tour, SA Private Fund for Sri Lanka Tour
  • Amount of subsidy will be confirmed when acceptance to the programme is given to each applicant.
  1. Application deadline: 2 Feb 2017 (Thu), 5:00pm
  2. Application should be submitted online at
  3. Applicant should indicate his/ her preference for joining Hubei or Sri Lanka Tour in the application form.
  4. If necessary, applicant will be invited for an interview between 6 Feb (Mon) and 8 Feb (Wed).
  5. Result will be announced by 10 Feb (Fri).
Tel: 3411 2088

The programme consists of 4 parts:
Part 1: Workshops and Trainings (From February to April 2017)
*For all Participants of: “Fair Trade Study Tour – A Mainland China Experience in Hubei” ; and “Fair Trade Study Tour – An Overseas Experience in Sri Lanka”.
  Date / Time / Venue Content
1. 18/02/2017;
10:00 – 13:00;
Teambuilding Session
Ice-breaking and introduction of the programme.
2. 04/03/2017;
10:00 – 13:00;
Introduction on “Fair Trade”
To introduce the Fair Trade concept and its meaning.
3. 18/03/2017;
10:00 – 13:00;
The impact of “Fair Trade”
To discuss its impacts on the society
4. 25/03/2017;
time & venue tbc
Visit to Fair Trade Trader
Dialogue with local Fair Trade Traders. And to explore the promotion of Fair Trade in Hong Kong community.
5. 08/04/2017;
10:00 – 13:00;
First group presentation and discussion on research topic
Students shall present their research findings and lead the discussion on an endorsed topic about the theme.
6. 22/04/2017;
10:00 – 13:00;
venue tbc
Second group presentation and discussion on research topic
Students shall present their research findings and lead the discussion on an endorsed topic about the theme.
Part 2: Study Trip
*Participants will join either one of the following trips.
  1. Fair Trade Study Tour – A Mainland China Experience in Hubei:
    (Pre-trip briefing on 17 May 2017, time to be confirmed, AAB303)
    Date: 22-29 May 2017 (8 days)
    Destination: Wuhan, Hubei
    Itinerary: *tentative
    Day 1 Hong Kong - > Wuhan. Afternoon city tour
    Day 2 Visit WFTO (“Yiseng”) factory and production line. Chit-chat with workers.
    Day 3 Exchange with Wuhan University students and organic farm visit.
    Day 4 Wuhan -> Enshi
    Day 5 “Yiseng” Organic and Fair Trade Farm visit. Exchange with villagers.
    Day 6 Visit families of local farmers. Study the project generated by social premium.
    Day 7 Visit non-“fair trade” farm. Half day community walk.
    Day 8 Enshi -> Wuhan -> Hong Kong
  2. Fair Trade Study Tour – An Overseas Experience in Sri Lanka:
    (Pre-trip briefing: 03 June 2017, time to be confirmed, AAB305)
    Date: 12-18 Jun 2017 (7 days)
    Destination: Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Itinerary: *tentative
    Day 1 Hong Kong -> Kuala Lumpur -> Colombo
    Day 2 Visit WFTO Farm “PODIE”, Cultivation Experience.
    *Costal Town of Negombo
    Day 3 Visit farmers home and chit chat. Visit Virgin Coconut Oil Factory.
    *Costal Town of Negombo
    Day 4 Visit SELYN (WFTO Producer). Experiment with craft making.
    *Village of Wanduragala in Kurunegala
    Day 5 Visit SOFA (FLO Certified Farm) and chit-chat with farmers. Study the project generated by social premium
    *near Kandy
    Day 6 Non Fair Trade Farm Visit and Local Visit
    *location to be confirmed
    Day 7 Colombo -> Kuala Lumpur -> Hong Kong
Part 3: Local Advocacy
Upon return from the study tour, participants are required to carry out a local project to raise the awareness of Fair Trade in HK community, and to tell their learning from the study tour.
Part 4: Evaluation and Reporting
Participants are suggested to write journals during the programme to reflect their experience and learning. Also, a compiled report should be handed in within one month from the completion date of the programme.


Remarks: Most of the local activities will be conducted in Chinese.

  1. Inner Mongolia Cultural Study Tour 2016/05 (內蒙古文化考察團 2016/05) (pdf) **Chinese version
  2. Xiamen and Kinmen Cultural Study Trip 2015/04 (廈門金門歷史文化考察團 2015/04) (pdf) **Chinese version
  3. Yunnan Cultural Study Trip 2015/04 (【彩雲之約】雲南納西族文化考察團 2015/01) (pdf) **Chinese version
  4. Yunnan Cultural Exchange and Study Trip 2014/05 (【雲嶺之南】雲南文化考察及交流團 2014/05) (pdf) **Chinese version
  5. Xiamen and Kinmen Cultural Study Trip 2014/04 (廈門金門歷史文化考察團 2014/04) (pdf) **Chinese version
  6. Hubei Elderly Service and Exchange Trip 2013/05 (湖北長者服務交流考察團 2013/05) (pdf) **Chinese version
  7. Fujian Study and Service Trip 2012/12 (福建服務考察團 2012/12) (pdf) **Chinese version
  8. Qinghai Study and Service Trip 2012/04 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 青海社會服務考察團 2012/04) (pdf) **Chinese version
  9. Jiangxi Study Trip 2011/06 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 江西考察服務團 2011/06) (pdf) **Chinese version
  10. Taiwan Study Trip 2010/05 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 台灣考察團 2010/05) (pdf) **Chinese version
  11. Shanxi Study Trip 2009/12 ( 「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 山西考察團 2009/12) (pdf) **Chinese version
  12. Shangdong Study Trip 2009/05 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 齊魯文化考察團 2009/05) (pdf) **Chinese version
  13. Taiwan Study Trip 2008/12 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 台灣考察團 2008/12) (pdf) **Chinese version
  14. Inner Mongolia Study Trip 2008/06 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 內蒙考察團 2008/06) (pdf) **Chinese version
  15. Chongqing and the Three Gorges Study Trip 2008/01 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 重慶及長江三峽考察團 2008/01) (pdf)) **Chinese version
  16. Qinghai Study and Service Trip 2007 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 青海社會服務考察團 2007) (pdf) **Chinese version
  17. Xian Study Trip 2006 ( 「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 西安考察團 2006) (pdf) **Chinese version
  18. Shanghai Study Trip 2006 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 上海考察團 2006) (pdf) **Chinese version
  19. Nanjing Study Trip 2006 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 南京考察團 2006) (pdf) **Chinese version
  20. Beijing Study Trip2005 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 首都考察團 2005) (html) **Chinese version
  21. Kong Kong and Shenzhen Study Trip 2005 (「港政」「國情」研習之旅-- 港粵深考察團 2005) (html) **Chinese version

It was the responsibility of us, the organising committee team, to guarantee the safety of all participants and to make the best possible arrangement for the study tour. It was the most rewarding for us to see the participants' eagerness to explore the Inner Mongolian culture, and their satisfaction in the learning process.
- LI Yan Ying, Elva (BBA Accounting / Year 2)

I feel excited every time I go on a trip. Travelling means a lot . We can meet new people, learn new cultures and languages and taste local cuisine. This study tour provided me with a chance to understand the culture of Inner Mongolia and inspired me to think about the definition of culture.
- CHOW Jung Sing Jeff (English and Literature Studies / Year 3)


I have to judge the credibility of what I saw in Inner Mongolia with my knowledge. Yet some feelings were genuine. I felt relaxing and comfortable to get along with my teammates in the eight-day trip. It was heart-warming that we took care of each other when something accidentally happened.
- SZETO Ka Wing (Chinese Language and Literature Studies / Year 4)

Leadership Qualities Centre, Office of Student Affairs

Address: Room 401, The Wing Lung Bank for Business Studies, Shaw Campus

Telephone: (852) 3411 2088