Scholarships, fellowships and awards, which are donated by private organizations, professional bodies, firms and individuals, are bestowed upon the selected recipients including new students on the basis of academic merits and other criteria stipulated by the donors. Most of the scholarships are for full-time students undertaking UGC-funded / publicly-funded courses. In 2016-2017 academic year, around 1,700 individual scholarships and prizes will be awarded through the University to students in various disciplines of study, with the total combined value amounting to approximately HK$38 million.

Students will be awarded scholarships through the following three means:

1. By open application – the main round of application for University Scholarships is open in late August to September each year; while individual scholarships are open for application whenever requested by the donors. Internal selection will then be made on the basis of academic merit, leadership and other personal qualities, financial need and services to the community. Internal and /or external selection interviews may be needed.

2. By nominations from Faculties / Schools / Departments and other relevant offices, subject to the final selection / approval by the donating parties.

3. A number of scholarships/ awards donated by external parties are open for application throughout the year. Interested students should submit their applications to the donors directly. Please watch out the details from “News and Event”.

 Please click here to watch a video about our scholarships.

 Please click here for tips on completing scholarship application forms.

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Internal Guideline on Scholarship/Bursary Establishment and Administration (for staff only)

Admission Scholarships

Each year, the University offers Admission Scholarships to outstanding local and non-local undergraduate entrants.  No separate application is required except for EAAS and EMSS. The University will identify outstanding students for the award of scholarship upon successful admission.

Tea Reception for University Admission Scholarship Recipients

Exchange Scholarships / Awards

Various exchange scholarships and awards are provided to support students to study in a non-local institution for 1 or 2 semesters.

Scholarships/ Awards for All Students

List of Scholarships / Awards for Undergraduate Students

List of Scholarships for Postgraduate Students
List of Scholarships for Disabled Students
List of Scholarships for CIE / SCE / UIC Students
List of Special Scholarships & Awards
List of Awards for Outstanding Student Leaders

Acknowledgement to Donors

  1. List of Scholarship Donors
  2. Sharing of Scholarship Recipients
  3. Scholarship and Bursary Donors’ Tea Reception
  4. Appreciation Video

Obligations of Recipients

Please click here to read the Obligations of Scholarship, Award & Prize Recipients.

** Scholarship recipients will be informed, via email, of the arrangements to pick up their certificates before the end of Semester 2 (i.e, around mid-May). If the certificates are not collected within 3 years after their issuance, the Office of Student Affairs will assume that the certificates are not wanted by the students and reserve the right to dispose of the certificates concerned.


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