Undergraduate Scholarship Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To formulate policies on the design and deployment of scholarships which can, for example, reward academic excellence, encourage whole person development, and attract quality applicants.
  2. To formulate general policies and procedures governing the administration of awards and the selection of recipients.
  3. To advise the Senate via the Student Affairs Committee and/or senior management on the need to set up new scholarships for specific purposes.


Membership Composition

Chairperson: Membership (2014-2015)
A senior academic as appointed by Senate Prof. Adrian BAILEY
Secretary & Member:
Associate Director of Student Affairs Dr. Cinnie NG
Chairperson of Student Affairs Committee (ex officio) Prof. Rick WONG
Vice-President (Research and Development) Prof. Rick WONG
Academic Registrar Ir. Dr. SO Kwok Sang
Director of Student Affairs Prof. Gordon TANG
One Dean Prof. HUANG Yu
Four Senate Members Dr. HO Siu Kee
Dr. Peter LAU
Dr. YAU Wai Ping
Dr. ZHANG Hongqi
One studnet member of the Senate  Mr. LUI Siu Fung