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EQ Express


EQ Express (EQE) aims at fostering students’ EQ development and promoting psychological health on campus. Through organizing and teaching EQ in a winter camp in Mainland China, participants can practice what they learnt, strengthen their positive value and promote caring attitude. They will also help to foster a supportive and serving spirit on campus.

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1. To foster students’ EQ development by increasing their EQ knowledge and basic communication skills
2. To enhance students’ spirit of love and care for others
3. To provide opportunities to promote psychological health and serving attitude


7-day Psychological Service Trip to Mainland
a. Shaoguan Trip
Date: December 28, 2016 – January 3, 2017
b. Organise an EQ Winter Camp for the primary students in Mainland China
c. Cultural Exchange and sightseeing
a. Understanding and Managing Own Emotions
b. Motivating Self
c. Empathy, Social Intelligence and Effective Communication
d. Classroom Management
* Participants who have participated in these courses previously can choose at most one course to be exempted.
(eCourse participants will not be exempted from any course listed above)
23 hours of rehearsals would be included with the aims at strengthening the participants'  EQ knowledge and increasing their confidence to deliver the EQ teaching to the students.


Programme fee
Shaoguan Trip: $750
(Sponsored by the Lions’ Club of South Kowloon and the Office of Student Affairs)
Application deadline
14 September 2016

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EQE Publications in the Past