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3rd Hong Kong Digital Advertising Industry Fresh Graduate Support Scheme

05 MAY - 31 JUL 2017

3rd HKDAI.GSS - CV Submission (Program 2017) [36 HOT JOBS AVAILABLE NOW!]
There are now up to 36 hot jobs offered by established digital advertising agencies for fresh graduates to apply! 2015 - 2017 graduates of related disciplines are welcome to apply!

Registered graduate applicants can apply for interested jobs directly through the Support Scheme website. Employing companies may access the graduate applicants’ CVs and e-portfolios on the online platform to select suitable candidates, whom will receive job interview (if any) and recruitment notices directly from the employing companies. Comprehensive training will be provided by employing companies to their graduate employees in the latter’s 12 months of employment under the Support Scheme.

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Please find the eDM for CV Submission for your information, upload CVs and e-portfolios at the Scheme platform for potential employers' consideration.