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  • Scholarships

    The Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (HK & Macau) Students' Trust Fund

    21 JUL - 31 AUG 2017

    The Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (HK & Macau) Students' Trust Fund has been established to provide the financial assistance to the Malaysian undergraduate students in Hong Kong. The aim of the Fund is to help students to attain academic success and life fulfilment throughout their studies. For more information about the Fund, please click here.

  • Career

    孫中山紀念館 - 導賞員招募計劃 2017 / Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum - Docent Recruitment Programme 2017

    21 JUL - 31 AUG 2017

    導賞員招募計劃 2017
    Docent Recruitment Programme 2017


    1. 為孫中山紀念館、孫中山史蹟徑及葛量洪號滅火輪展覽館提供導賞服務
    2. 協助推行教育活動、參與導賞培訓工作
    3. 全年出席不少於三節導賞服務(每節約1.5小時,每次可獲導賞酬金)

    1. 年滿18歲或以上的香港永久居民
    2. 操流利粵語,能操流利英語及/或普通話則更佳
    3. 中六/預料或以上程度或對本地歷史有豐富認識
    4. 對中港兩地近代史、孫中山生平事蹟、香港消防及海上救援史、博物館工作有濃厚興趣
    5. 樂於與人溝通、交流及分享有關歷史的課題和經驗

    6. 具教學經驗(現職或曾任職相關歷史或人文科目的教師)
    7. 就讀歷史或人文科目的大學生/專上學院學生/畢業生
    8. 能於星期一至五提供服務者更佳

    報名詳情請按 此處

    Are you interested in history? Do you want to share your insights on history with others? Are you ready to serve the public? The latest round of the Docent Recruitment Programme for the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum and the Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery has been launched. Interested members of the public are welcome to join our docent training. Here are the details:

    1. Provide docent service for Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum, Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail and the Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery
    2. Assist in running education activities and taking part in docent training
    3. Attend no fewer than three docent sessions a year (docents will receive honorarium for each 1.5-hour session)
    Basic Requirements:
    1. Permanent Hong Kong resident aged 18 or above
    2. Good command of Cantonese; proficiency in English and/or Putonghua is an advantage
    3. F.6 / Matriculation or above, or substantial knowledge of local history
    4. Enthusiasm in modern Chinese and Hong Kong history, the life of Dr Sun Yat-sen, the history of fire and maritime rescue services in Hong Kong, as well as museum work
    5. Eagerness to discuss, exchange and share knowledge of and experience in history topics

    Preferred but non-mandatory qualifications:
    6. Teaching experience (current or past teaching experience in history and humanity subjects)
    7. University undergraduates / tertiary institute students / graduates in history or the humanities
    8. Availability on Mondays to Fridays will be an advantage

    Deadline of Application: 31 August 2017
    Please press  here   for details.

    Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

    7 Castle Road, Mid-Levels, Central, Hong Kong
    查詢 Enquiry: 3580 6780

  • Career


    18 JUL - 20 AUG 2017

    本會一直以「凝聚專業,服務同工」為宗旨,致力 為老師提供各類型的專業發展項目。為了讓新晉教師在教學上有更出色的表現,希望透過前線優秀教師的實戰經驗分享,延續教師傳承的精神。本會深信藉著是次的啟導課程講座,有助於新晉老師從資深的教師 身上了解到未來將會面臨的挑戰和應對的技巧。現誠意邀請各準教師出席講座。



  • Scholarships

    Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers 2017/18 (Deadline: 17 Aug 2017)

    05 JUL - 17 AUG 2017

    The Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers is set up by the Education Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as one of a series of measures to enhance the professionalism of English teachers in Hong Kong. The aim of the Scholarship is to attract persons proficient in English to pursue relevant local bachelor degree programmes and/ or teacher training programmes which will qualify them to become English teachers on graduation. The Scholarship is open for application now, please click here for details.

  • Career

    Maritime and Aviation Internship Scheme (Summer 2017)

    22 JUN - 30 AUG 2017