A Word to Freshmen

Dr. Eddie K.W. Ho, Director of Student Affairs

Email: sa@hkbu.edu.hk

University life is generally believed to be a delightful honeymoon, a time when students no longer have to contend with piles of assignments and coursework. During secondary school, you may have spent most of your time in classrooms and received a passive, unidirectional education. University education uses, in contrast, an interactive method which develops critical and creative thinking and also encourages you to step out of the classroom and experience the real world. This experience marks the beginning of a new chapter, in which you learn to transform yourself to attain to the next stage of life by overcoming new challenges.. Through active participation in co-curricular activities and involvement in university life, you will realise that the University plays an important role in your holistic development and that the campus is also an ideal venue for learning and gaining practical experience.

"Whole person education" has been our distinctive mission. The University does not pursue academic excellence only, but instead places equal emphasis on your ethical standards and whole person development, especially in developing your Reflective Intelligence, Instrumental Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence. You will be proud and excited when you finally step up to the platform in your graduation gown, to receive your diploma accompanied by your "Student Development Portfolio" (http://sa.hkbu.edu.hk/career/sdp/). The "Student Development Portfolio" is not simply another document to present to an employer, but rather reflects the totality of what you have gained and experienced through life at the university in addition to academic excellence. To build your portfolio, the University provides a wide range of development programmes, from leadership training and experiential learning to social service programmes, allowing you to enrich your store of experiences, develop your talents, discover a sense of mission and learn how to set and achieve your goals. I hope you will seize every opportunity to broaden your horizons, and equip yourself for the future by taking part in many different kinds of co-curricular activities.

There is an old Chinese saying, "Jade cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials" If you aspire to have a better plan for your university life, develop your potential and become better-equipped for the future, it is of paramount importance that you read this U-life guide presented by our Office and have a full understanding of the development programmes it describes. Strengthen yourself for the future by taking action today!


Best Wishes,

Eddie K.W. Ho, PhD
Director of Student Affairs
July 2008







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